Paint & Varnish Remover

Part No.: 411-32

This gel works faster than traditional solvent–based formulas by breaking down the molecular bonds within minutes of application, while being safe and easy to use! Our patented formulation successfully strips enamels and acrylic paints, shellacs, varnishes and other solvent and water–borne coatings and stains.

Safely Removes:
Enamels • Acrylic Paints • Shellacs • Varnishes • Solvent & Water–borne Coatings • Lacquers • Paints & More!

Works On:
Wood • Metal • Stone • Furniture • Fiberglass • Cabinets • Floors & More!

Environmentally Friendly:
Water-Based • Biodegradable • Low VOC  • Certified as biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems