Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner Wipes 28 Premium Wipes 7" X 12" (17.7cm X 30.4cm)

Part No.: 90166

Get the superior cleaning power and clarity of Invisible Glass in a convenient ready-to-use wipe. Just clean and toss!
Keep a canister in the kitchen, bathroom, office, and garage.
Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner Wipes quickly and easily remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges, dog slobber, and grime from windows, mirrors, glass tables, glass cooktops, and other glass in your home or office.
'This product removes those annoying stuck on water marks off of my windshield. I love these wipes. I think that they could clean almost anything made out of glass, just be careful, the product DOES live up to it's name. Use caution not to walk through sliding glass doors after using this product.'


By Ava Lofgren